Religion is the source of the world's problems

OK, I wonder how many people out there will find this offensive. I also wonder how many will actually take the time to let it sink in.

The three major religions in the world are (arguably) Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In my opinion, the three of them cause most of the problems and blood shed in the world. At a deeper level, these three religions embrace death and have created a culture in which their adherents look forward to the so-called paradise awaiting them on the other side. Why worry about global warming, famine or war? If we remain righteous, we will be in heaven soon enough with our creator and the rest of time will be blissful.

A religious person might argue that organized religion pulled mankind out of the dark ages. I would argue that this is not so and that mankind would have come a lot further if not for the suffocating presence of faith. Women have been historically abused and suspected by these religions because of the judeo-christina fear of the menstrual cycle. The religious books of all three faiths condone slavery and mandate the conversion of everyone to their faith.

Here we are in the 21st century, still allowing the child-like fantasies from the infancy of our race to rule our thinking. Western cultures still become involved in the bottomless pit of stupidity we call the Middle East, and what for? A collection of old buildings that some consider "holy". Even if you argue that the real reason is oil, we continue to use faith as an argument to justify our involvment in these religious wars.

I sncerely believe we would be better off without religion. Not that this would end all strife in the world (I do not think mankind would survive long if we lost the instinct for conflict), but I think we'd take much better care of ourselves and we would move forward faster. OK...let the games begin.


Uploaded 05/11/2008
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