I read someone else's post about religion just a few moments ago, and it made me think about religion a little more. Well, not really, but I did read it. I don't think I agreed with anything he said at all, either. Yeah, but I am going to say some things about religion.


First of all, I have noticed an abundance of Atheists on the internet, particularly I can say, with all honesty, that I hate that fucking website. Most of the people on there are a complete piss-off. Anyway, these Atheists say that a religious person, that believes in God, is foolish, and stupid, because the belief of a God is illogical.


Let's get one thing straight. There is no way to proove that there is or isn't a God. Theists can't prove He is there, and Atheists can't proove He isn't there. Now, one Atheist argument is that Theists have made a claim, so it is their duty to proove their claim. But, this is false. If you ask someone if they believe in God, and they reply "No", you can just as easily ask them to "Proove it." The only thing making Atheists seem more logical is the fact that they believe in science only. Science also once said that the Earth was flat.


The Atheists have some faults, but so do the Theists. For example, some people quote the Bible to back up their claims of God existing. This is foolish, because, for one, nobody knows who wrote the Bible. That alone eliminates all credibility.


Again, sometimes Theists are mocked for what they believe in, such as Jesus rising from death, or Jesus turning water into wine. It's likely that the stories in the Bible are purely symbolic, and that nothing is really meant to be taken literally, except the life lessons from it.


The point I'm trying to make is that in reality, as long as you are a good person, it doesn't matter what your religion is. Personally, I am a Christian, I believe in God. (Personally, I think that God created the Big Bang, evolution, etc.) But I could argue against myself forever about whether he exists or not. There is just no way to settle the argument, other than someone giving up.


I'm just tired of Theists being mocked on websites such as There is no solid way to proove either way, so fighting isn't going to solve anything. The truth is that both sides of the argument are equal, and it's likely that they are going to stay that way forever, or at least for a long, long time.


Anyways, try not to get in an argument with someone over your religion. In the end, nobody wins. The only way to win is to be a good person, and dismiss arguers as a waste of your time.


Thanks for reading,


Gavin C. Stewart

Uploaded 05/27/2008
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