Religious Bigotry or a Problem with People?

I found this comment in one of Rin's anti-religious blogs and at first I didn't think much of it, but since Smb275 found it powerful and I respect  Smb275, I felt the urge to examine and ponder it more closely. The following comment suggests that hating the sin and not the sinner is condescending and weaselly  since the sin is actually the person expressing themselves. 


In this case being gay. This assumes that the religious person hates gay people. I'll concede that it is entirely possible that a religious person deep down does hate or more likely fear gay people, just as it is entirely possible for a non religious person to hate or in my opinion fear gay people. These kinds of conclusions are too simple when dealing with human nature and are of little value. If you apply this type of thinking to people in day to day life, it simply does not hold water. 

An example of this is someone who hates fat people. What does the person hate when he sees a fat person? Is it strictly his fat, his preconceived notion that the fat person must be a gluten who's a lazy asshole. Perhaps the hate was caused by some traumatic event, like when a fat girl sat on me when I was a small child? This is just an example, it didn't affect me other than to embarrass me at the time.

You cannot assume a person hates another just because of some personal choices of others or personal expressions. I could love a women, but hate her paintings which are definitely a personal expression of her inner self. Some behaviors are worse than others and our labeling them as "Sins, bad habits, politically incorrect, visually gross" or other negative connotation, does not in any way make mentioning of them proof positive that one hates another person. Sure, the possibility does exist that one can hate another based on one behavior, but that is for retards, OCD people and psychopaths.

And what is with the idea of "Hating" someone? I for one cannot ever recalling hating someone. I could get angry with them, but hating someone simply is not something I can even fathom. I do not hate any mass murderers, child molesters etc. I can hate their actions and I can hate the inaction of people when shit needs to be done, but actually hating someone because  they enjoy the same sex or they believe Obama is the savior, no, that makes absolutely no sense. 

So in conclusion, it is entirely possible for a religious person to hate gay sex, but still love the person. Think how perhaps a religious father and mother can still love their child if that child told them he was gay. 

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