Religious Gallery Fail.

Peppered between the usual bullshit he posts on my Atheism and Religion galleries, Letemdangle suddenly finds a need to post fluff galleries promoting peace and love. You know, the nice stuff meant to divert your attention when he's not posting nasty shit on galleries that threaten his religion.

When I told these insane freaks to post their own media if they get so pissed at mine, I kinda meant convincing ones. Like the kind that contain facts and wisdom, not the kind that make my submissions look even better.

We've gotten the reworded memes and shitty photoshop making fun of disabled geniuses, but tonight I've called out probably the worst: a flat-out lie with plucked photos to match.

In a desperate and deceptive attempt to belie my galleries, Letemdangle posted his "Muslims Celebrating Christmas" gallery:

According to him, these are pictures of Muslims celebrating Christmas along with Christians in Malaysia, where only 6.5% of Malaysians are Christian. Decor goes up because the spirit of the Christian holiday is so powerful all religious people come together in perfect peace and harmony.

First off, the title is meant to throw you off context; the idea is to envision your stereotypes standing side-by-side with good Christian people. It isn't. Besides tourists, the people photographed are Malaysian. It's not a bunch of bin Ladens standing next to Jews and George Bushes, looking at pretty lights. A secular, non-religious celebration like they have in the East is nothing that could or would happen here. A user who was born and raised a Muslim tried to go over this with dangle, but of course, was shot down. After all, what would a Muslim know about Muslim people? As for what the decor is really about?

The truth is around 9.2% of Malaysia is Christian, with a whopping 61.4% Muslim. As with most of Eastern Asian countries, the bright lights and commercialism of Christmas is something to be taken advantage of in shopping malls and for the joy of children, and really has nothing to do with Christian celebration as the west sees it. Malaysian Christmas in particular is known as a universal celebration of ambiance and friendliness, rather than that of anything religious. Many state it as more of a "public holiday" over anything else, with the focus of "Advent" being the main thing for Christians there. Ironically, the gathering of friends and feelings of joy and excitement the decor brings to people in the East is heralded as more pleasant, warm, and inviting than holiday seasons here, where religion is actually supposed to be at the source.

It's wonderful to celebrate pretty lights and great ambiance with your neighbors when the whole religious aspect is on the backburner.

Plus there's the fact one of these photos is of the Cribb's Causeway Mall in England, another of Western Mall in Sioux Falls, and several others are of the unveiling of the largest Lego tree at Legoland Park.

Uploaded 12/20/2012
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