Religulous and Other things.

Last night I went to go see Religulous with my step-sister. I had a feeling it was going to be a good movie but man was it awesome. It was so funny at parts I tohught I was going to pee my pants. But Bill Maher made alot of good points in it.

I jst want to add this is randomly but I thnik we scared to people. We pulled up to a stop light and we had thunderstruck blaring and there were to cars beside us. And being me I like headbanging and it was jsut pretty awesome.

Back to religulous. On our way home we got talking about religions and how ridiculously stupid they are. If there were a god wouldn't he/she just be happy you're worshiping him/her. It probally wouldn't matter if you got the wrong religion. Also why would a god create homosexuals if he hated them. I am a pretty big supporter of human rights and freedome of speech so I get really pissed of when I see those people walking around with the signs that say "god hates faggots". Im i hypocrite when it comes to this because techinicaly they are just exercising their freedome of speech but they are descriminating against people.

The other day I was in the car with my sister and the song "I kissed a girl came on" I like it for some reason so I turned it up. Not only did I get rude looks from people some old man gave me the finger. And my sister told em that in the states at this school two students were suspended for playing this song at a "pep rally" and the song is now banned from the school and playing it will get you suspended. This school is totaly violating these students freedom of speech. If I were there I'd get my portable speakers plug my Ipod in and blast that song throughout the entire school.

Wouldn't the world be so much better without religion. I'm not saying Im don't beleive in god Im jsut not sure. Until  am given 100% proof that he exists you can bet your ass Im not getting out of bed on a sunday morning.

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