I remember when the hippies used to march for peace and would hold signs up that say "listen to us" they were young and the parents would sit in front of their TV's and watch the names of the young men and some women who were kiled or wounded during the Viet Nam war. In 1968 I was 11 years old and would listen to my father yell at the hippies and look sad over the deaths, but the thing I remember most was watching the young people talk of how things were going to change once they were in charge...............Well they are here and I for one am so damn sad at what has become of the long ago youth. I am not talking about any paticular group but there was a time when being a liberal actually meant something, it meant talking things through and compromising and even more important LISTENING to the other side. These young people of open minds that I watched back then are showing up in body only, all we see is a bunch of name calling thugs who are interested in one thing, being on the winning side, not the side for right that ship sailed long ago. It is all about getting even for something that the last party did but the winning side now, there is what is important. What we need is not even considered, DIVIDE and conquer it is the only game being played.

The latest thing is our president has decided would be good for our country is singling out a rather large group of our nation and condemning them by coming out against Fox news. Now Fox news is a Republican channel make no mistake about it and that is what people hear "Fox is bad" and so are you for watching them, Fox is one channel out of six that is slanted to the conservatives. The other so called news channels are ALL Democrat slanted  channels. OK OK I know what some of you are thinking, SO WHAT!!! it's fox news. It is just another move in the "YOU ARE EITHER WITH US OR YOU ARE AGAINST US MENTALITY" does that sound familiar? Bush ring a bell/ Give us the change we were promised and stop being divisive. Somebody needs to wear the big boy pants and bring this nation together and really, all we need is compromise, something that was suppossed to happen once we got our young people of yesterday in charge.



I keep thinking about a line from an old Jackson Brown song Running on Empty. "I look around for the friends that I used to turn to to pull me through. Looking into their eyes I see them running too.


Thanks for reading Bohank.  I wish they would remember

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