Replacing Glen Beck: The Five


I haven't made a blog in a while, but I feel like sharing and I reached my asking limit on Yahoo Answers.



This is going to be a short because I don't have much to work with. The Five: It's essentially 4 conservatives versus 1 moderate. Nothing like Hannity & Colmes; this show is an even bigger joke.


I want to talk about one of the hosts, Greg Gutfeld, who probably made some of the most outlandish, fallacious statements that I've ever heard; and I've only seen one episode.


They discuss Bachman's comments about drilling in The Everglades, and this Greg guy goes on to saying that "it's just a giant swamp, go ahead and drill". What a dumbass. He must lack the same common knowledge that Bachman does about the importance of The Everglades.


Oh but it gets better. When discussing "brainwashing in schools" and "school choice programs" he goes on to talking about elementary schools. He talks about the kid's supply list, and how they are told to bring things like tissue paper and hand sanitizer for the whole class to share. Well, to make a short story shorter, he says that it's brainwashing the kids into socialist ideas from an early age.

Is that not the biggest leap that you've ever heard? Kids sharing tissue paper is early indoctrination of communism...right.


I think they might have found Glen Beck's permenant replacement.


Once again I know it's short. I could talk about how he made an ass out of himself by calling fat kids " a whole lotta fun" but that would be low.

He also has another show on Fox, like Red Eye or some right wing shit like that.



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