Replies From Butt Hurt Ron Paul Supporters

As I have already written in some of my blogs, the typical Ron Paul supporter is an uneducated, lazy pot head or a criminal. More than that, most of them are barely literate, which can be easily proven by the comments they left to my previous article. I assure you, I didn't modify them - that's EXACTLY how they have written them, with the grammar errors and misspellings that would suggest they are either 8 years old or never received proper education. Which is not surprising, since everybody knows the typical Ron Paul enthusiast isn't very bright.

"Me paying for sex, or smoking marijuana in my own home has zero impact on you or anyone else. Legalizing prostitution and drugs does not translate to whores and drug dealers walking the streets, unlicensed sale is illegal. You sound like my young children" - Kablams

I like the part where he said I sound like his young children. What do they say? "Daddy, please stop bringing prostitutes to our house, it's illegal"? Do you often debate about legalising prostitution with your kids?

"Wow you are retarded shy," - MrRussianJeans

Did I mention Ron Paul supporters are masters in punctuation?

"They throw people in jail for smoking pot in their own home." - Noitall

Ron Paul fanatics love to bring up the constitution and its Founding Fathers. For some reason they have no clue about what states in the constitution. You can learn from CSI Miami that you need a warrant to enter someone's home, and you definitely won't get to prison for possession, unless you're a dealer and have kilograms of drugs in your back pack - but that's not the same as smoking one in your house, is it?

"Releasing some of the prisoners is not a bad idea. Many would get resocialized by community service and it's much better to offer a drug dealer's pawn or a thief a chance to live the life they didn't get a chance to be part of. Incarcerating more and more people won't help much." - Latida

Instead of holding the scum at bay, it's best to invite them for tea and talk about how they can earn  5 bucks an hour picking up leaves at the park. I'm sure they'll love their new jobs and won't sell drugs once they receive those luxurious jobs they are suitable for. *sarcasm font*

"Okay your hot but obviously have no idea about politics" - Dcgiannoni

I should probably ignore any opinion from somebody who doesn't know the difference between 'your' and 'you're,' but he got the hot part right, he should get a chance to state his opinion, so...

"Ron paul just preached the same ideas that the founding fathers did and that's FREEDOM." - Dcgiannoni

Preaching the same ideas as the founding fathers did is freedom? That means slavery is freedom? Because the founding fathers believed in slavery.

Noun: Freedom - The condition of being free; the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints. 

The fact that you stated your opinion and didn't go to jail means you're free to state your opinion, retard. THAT'S FREEDOM. I'm convinced most of the Ron Paul voters are too stupid to actually know what the word means or what the Founding Fathers were about. 

"dim wit teen ager too many people went too prison" - Flying1368

From your comment (that's the whole comment this user had left) I take it you're beginning to learn how to write. You yet have to learn how to form coherent sentences that would have any sense or at least be clear enough to understand what you mean, despite your lacks of education and inability to use your own language properly.

"Ron Paul's propaganda. Also known as the original vision of the Founding Fathers..." - Twisted0666

As you have probably already noticed, this is the main argument for Ron Paul fanatics. They've been brainwashed by the propaganda into believing uncle Ron is the American way. The way of the Founding Fathers. They knew what freedom is. It proves how you're an idiot if you say that. The Founding Fathers signed a constitution that forbade women to vote. Black people weren't allowed to vote, either. Probably because they were slaves. At least they got the taste of this legendary "freedom" you keep referring to when you mention the "ways of the Founding Fathers." 

Ron Paul enthusiasts know nothing about freedom. They also know nothing about what they are saying. They keep repeating the same propaganda they were fed with, but they don't understand any of it. It's amazing how people can be retarded enough to speak about bringing back the American idea of freedom from the times when slavery was legal. It's pitiful, don't you agree?

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