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What proves I'm right about men being pathetic swines better than the replies they wrote to my blog and comments. I wrote a blog defending the woman from the clip where some asshole recorded her shopping with a man and accused her of cheating his friend. Jumping to conclusions like that was one thing but the reaction some of the people who watched the clip was plain pathetic. The same happened after I dared to defend that woman. I was called a whore among other things. I wrote about my husband's friend breaking into our house in the middle of the night to take photos of me in bed with my friend. He then sent the photos to my husband and my friend's wife. I nearly got the papers from my husband and my friend had to divorce his wife because of that one idiot who obviously thought that putting his nose into something that's not his business is okay. I took the liberty to copy the comments to my blog to show how well-mannered and cultured some ebaumsworld users are.
Here is to hoping you get served the papers biotch! - JohnnyP
You cum dumpster! - Kent_xxx

i think im a cute little whore with my hat on to the side.. i got so much schwag!!! dumb whore just like the rest of them.. this is why i must not breed in this world or my children will end up like useless cum buckets. gathering all of the male cum into there vagina. - spoon555

Awwww the cheater didnt get away with it awww so sorry..Whore. - rainman87

lol tl;dr just another whiney bitch bitchin'. Women really think we listen to their shit - biohazardcel

I registered this account in 2007 to call you a dumb bitch - stillionaire

You are a whore, why were u sleeping in the same bed as another man? Ps. You have no boobs either, I hope he divorces you - mrhighdr0420

how much dickdo you take on a hourly basis? How many bastard kids do you own? Has your white husbad can to his sences that the black one(s) is not his? - isaacantony

Wow, those are only a few. There was a lot of nice people that agreed with me. I understand people are often hateful losers that envy others and go a long way to cause drama. My husband forgave me and I didn't get the divorce papers. I'm much more careful when I meet other men when he's not around these days, so I guess I was lucky to learn the lesson. You can't trust the comfort of your home because some piece of shit might have the nerve to break in in his quest of being a scumbag.
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