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You know me from here and there and you are correct this place has changed but like the other site it has growing pains and the reason you come on here because like me you miss the old times. The problem is this is no longer our blog section it belongs to people who stayed behind and tried to make this a place to enjoy and yes it is different but not all blogs on here are junk. We are now the interlopers in this section and maybe they want to make us pay to play and doesn't that sound familar? I never had to put up with being bullied to much because I was there from the beginning of the blog section but we all had our fights, now we have to let these guys fight it out and wait for the cream to rise to the top. Godliberator is like a lot of the old people we come on here and try to enjoy some blogging because over there they still don't have a blog section and we miss that don't we God?


The question I have is I was talking to God here and I wonder if that counts toward my prayer time?


Thanks for reading and I hope you guys build a great Blog section because I for one see a lot of promise on here. Bohank

Uploaded 04/01/2009
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