Repost for Reid, sometimes we need to grow up so give them time.

  I dont know when it happened

When I was younger I had no tolerance for gay people, it all seems so odd and still does I am ashamed to say. I went to a picnic Sat for my old ladies work, although they should call it the laid off party because the company closed a couple weeks ago. In between drinks called "get naked" and "sex on the beach" and the ever popular "Whoo Hoo" not to mention the Jack I was already drinking, I noticed that several of the people had broken off into couples and were well......kissing on each other and all the fun stuff. Here is the thing, I Have found out that I just dont care who is screwing who and who isn't screwing who, I mean what business is it of mine what they are doing as long as they aren't doing it to me? I guess when I lost a very good friend to aids back about 5 years ago and heard some idiot say "well he deserved that, frigging faggot" (btw I bitch slapped this ass but that is another story) I was also the last person to know he was gay, or as my daughter likes to say "Dad you have no gaydar" but sometime I was not aware of while growing up I must have gotten more civilized.......Frigging women do it all the time to us guys.


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