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One of my good friends on here (SpaceEagle) wrote a blog not too long ago.


Speaking on how republicans think that taking civil liberties to preserve civil liberties.

Now if you haven't I'd like for you to watch a 5 part series called XXI (21st Century).


Some examples on how Bush believes we have to take constitutional rights to preserve our liberties. Does it make sense? To the Texas native and king of state executions believes so.


Such laws as the Patriot Act, where spying on US residents, breaking into their homes while we're gone, checking our library records, and questioning neighbors with no warrents. The kick is if you're questioned about your neighbor or a specific person on which books he checks out; if you do not comply you are then arrested. Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution essentially says that the people have the right to be secure against unreasonable government searches and seizures and that no search warrants shall be issued without probable cause that a crime has been committed


Holding suspected terrorists without trial, or a right to an attorny. In the eyes of Bush you're guilty if the government thinks so.


Finally, the presidents policies on detainees in the "war on terror probably qualify as impeachable offenses. The Bush administration decided that the war on terror exempted it from an unambiguous criminal law and international conventions (which are also the law of the land) preventing torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners. An American president permitting torture is both disgraceful and ineffective in getting good information from those held. Furthermore, the administration concocted the fictitious category of enemy combatants to deprive detainees of the legal protections of either the U.S. courts or prisoner-of-war status. The administration then tried to detain these enemy combatants, some of them American citizens, indefinitely without trial, access to counsel, or the right to have courts to review their cases.


Apparently President Bush was also taking us back to the Vietnam era by monitoring anti-war protesters. Information on peaceful anti-war demonstrations has apparently found its way into Pentagon databases on possible threats to U.S. security.


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