Response to the Sex Tips blogs.

Great, so now we've got a dom and a lovemaker both giving us sex tips. The dom (who ironically is dominus... appropriate name, yes?) I don't mind so much because he focused on his one area... but the first one played out his blog as though he were going to teach us how to be great in bed. 


So to you, the wanna-be lord of the sheets, I say... you're retarded. There's only one truly useful sex tip, and it's this: ADAPT. Want to be great in bed? Find out what turns your partner on - and believe me, that could be ANYTHING - and give it to them. 


You say to stay away from "unsafe" places, but many girls are very turned on by the risk of being caught. Friends, family, even total strangers... sex in a semi-public place where anyone could walk in on you at any moment but it's unlikely they will (such as a janitor's closet or a bathroom stall or in the stairwell that nobody ever uses because there's an elevator nearby) can be VERY hot. 


You say not to be pushy, but some girls are slavishly submissive, they love to be overpowered and controlled. The pushier you are, the hotter they become, and the harder they'll orgasm for you.


You say to play music to "set the rhythm" but that's more a lovemaking method than anything else, and believe it or not, not too many girls are the delicate flowers that Disney likes to portray them as. They want you to fuck the shit out of them. Sure, pampering is nice, but that's definitely not what they want every single time.


I could go on, but you get the point. Don't spout off your "sex tips" like you have something to teach us, because you obviously know jack about pleasing a girl, you only know how to be gentle and sensitive. Sounds to me like you're a good lover, but that doesn't make you a good fuck. I'll say it again, there's only one rule to be great in bed, and that's adaptation and improvisation. Figure out what they like, and give them all they can stand and more.


Dom... hahah, great blog. I, too, am a dom, at least for the girls who like it. I have a nice little collection of toys, collars, cuffs, straps... yeah. Good times. If you don't already know about it, here's a great place to get collars and cuffs - You can make custom collars and cuffs there, a full set costs about a hundred bucks on average depending on what it's made of and how it's accessorized. I've got a black leather set with spikes, lined with royal blue faux-fur. XD


I am Kaustic, and I know how to make girls cum. Hard.

Uploaded 11/30/2008
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