Response to Volco's pitbull blog

I started to reply in the comments, but it was running a little long.  I think it meritted it's own page.

I agree that the pitbull problem is pretty much the owners. The type of person thatchooses a pitbull as a pet has usually done it because they think it's cool to have a tough animal capable of savagery. They'll likely not treat the animal as part of the family and a cherished companion, but rather a weapon or a status symbol. That's the origin of the problem. Ban pitbulls and they'll just start mistreating rotweillers again. That being said I also think there's a problem with the breed. 

My australian shepherd didn't need to be trained to herd or cut sheep. She just kind of did it. Since she was untrained, she did a half assed job, but it was obvious what was going on. That dog died after a long, happy life and now I have a Lab. I didn't need to teach her to retrieve. She just did it. She'd retrieve birds while I hunted and wouldn't chew them up in the process. These behaviors have been inbred into the breed. 100s of years of selective breeding has made them what they are. Now ask yourself, what behaviors have been painstakingly incorporated into the breed of pitbull?  What skills do they not need to be trained to do? They've been selectively bred to fuck things up, savagely. Their pounds per square inch applied in their bite is inappropriately high for an animal their size and their tenacity is legendary. That's a bad combo. 

I've had three run ins with pitbulls. I was attacked on a deer lease in Texas by a pitbull from a nearby trailer park. The uncontrolled animals were packing up and killing the land owner's livestock. He was offering a bounty on all dogs killed on the lease. It wasn't my intention to kill anybody's pet, but it came at me, and I had a shotgun, end of story.

My wife and I were walking my australian shepherd and a pitbull broke its chain and came right at us. Fortunately, it keyed in on my dog and I got a free shot in on it. I kicked it in the head so hard I hurt my hip and had to hobble all the way home. I used proper body mechanics in the kick and threw my arms backwards for coservation of momentum in compensating my kickforward.  I elbowed my wife in the chin so hard I knocked her out momentarily.  I fucked that dog up too.  It turned around and walked back into its yard, layed down next to where it was chained up, and hopefully died of a cranial bleed shortly afterwards.

The last episode had my three year old daughter and my brand new lab puppy in the backyard.  The neighbor behind my house had two pitbulls.  The two dogs literally ate through my fence in an attempt to get to my daughter and dog (and presumably kill them).  I got my daughter and dog into the house just in time.  I called the Travis County sheriff.  He asked me if I owned a shotgun (I did).  I didn't want to spread bits of dog all over my backyard in front of my daughter, so I declined to blast them.  The cops came over and we pepper sprayed the dogs back into their yard and I repaired my fence.  I went to my neighbor's house to explain the situation and they were not impressed.  When I expressed my fear that if I had been less attentive, my daughter might be dead, they were still unimpressed.

That night, the dogs ate through my fence again, and went to another wall of my fence and ate through it into my other neighbor's yard (he had a shitzu that lived in a doghouse outside).  The two dogs were trying to eat their way into the doghouse when I was woken up by my neighbor's elderly mom banging on my door for help (my neighbor was a nurse working the night shift and wasn't home).  I had two choices, I could either go into their backyard with a stick and try to shoo the dogs out, or go in with my shotgun and make a hell of a mess.  Guess which one I did?

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