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Hello from your favorite bitter waitress!

One of the things I cannot stand is when people come in and sit in your section for hours. I've known people who sit there and talk for 5 fucking HOURS while tying up the poor waitresses tables.


Today sucked. It was a horribly slow day. I had two tables in three hours and I still only made 5 dollars. My last table was two blonde bimbos who sat and gabbed for 2 hours! I was cut, my tables were clean and the only thing I had between me and home was these two bitches leaving. I tried all the hints: 'standing by the table, bugging them by trying to pick up all their plates, etc.' but no, they just didn't get up to leave. I, at least, talked to my manager who let me go after tipping out my busser a little extra. I think my sales for the day was under 50.


I'm going to work Saturday night so I'm sure I'll have a couple fun stories for you then too.

Uploaded 08/13/2008
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