Retro Movies

Kid movies today arent that bad in whole.  However, they are not like the kids movies from my youth.  Thanks to movies on demand, I get to share some of them with my son.  Recently, we watched two movies together.


Little Monsters:  This movie has a young Fred Savage and Howie Mandel in it.  Mandel is a monster that lives in a world accessed under beds.  Savage discovers the world one day.  My son had fun watching it with me.

Short Circuit: Campy movie about a killer robot that becomes self aware.  My Little Dude really enjoyed this one.  He got a kick out of the robot.  He and I have watched the Three Stooges quite a bit. He thought it was funny, but was slightly confused when some robots were doing some Stooges material.

 Another of his favorite movies is Ice Age.  He has grabbed the DVD each day for the past week and asked us to play it for him.  He takes the disk out and puts it in the player, then hands us the control.  He sat in a chair, covered in a blanket, and watched it last night while he drank some milk and ate an apple.

Another favorite of his is Star Gate.  We have some of the seasons on DVD. We watch more of the series on streaming video. He often pulls it up himself and starts it.  Just rambling today, I know. But, I havent posted a blog in a while. I wanted to let you all know that Im still alive.

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