Return from semi-retirement from the blog section

Hello all!  It's ViralDarkness again, VD for short.  I have been gone for way too long this time.  For those that remember me it's good to be back.  For those that don't know me don't worry.  I don't stick around too long before I go back into retirement.  
Things have been really horrible this last year.  I stopped posting blogs around the time my last car died.  I was working swing shifts at work and not getting much sleep.  Then I lost the internet connection that I was stealing from a neighbor.  So i decided to just lay off the internet for a while.
However things recently got better.  For those that have read old blogs I used to work in a chemical storage warehouse as a shift supervisor for security.  When I moved to Pittsburgh I became a Dispatcher.  After losing the dispatcher job I got a temp job working security.  The temp job ended up lasting for way too long and the schedule changed way too damn much.  But just last week I was given a job as a drug and alcohol counselor making a decent amount of money.  So I'm back on my feet and returning to my former glory of being able to write blogs.  
So now that that's done with my first order of business is to ask should I blog about how the site i worked security at was haunted, or how I was recently a witness to a breaking and entering case and now have to go to court?
Uploaded 04/24/2013
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