Revenge is sweet

If your a person who gets pissed at revenge and will leave bitchy comments please stop reading.

A year back when i was dating this girl(whore) we will just name her sarah.  Well me and sarah were a somewhat of a happy couple we would fight sometimes but we would end up making up.  A few months in our relationship i heard that she was sleeping behind my back with some guy that i hate lets just call him Dick.  At first i didnt want to assume sarah was sleeping with dick but it all came together.  this time in my life was a reck i had a crap load of midterms to study for i got into a fight and i had herpes on the mouth.  First thing i wanted to do was to break up with sarah in one of the worst way possible cause she was a lying bitch.  Well i found out that mouth herpes can cause genital herpes so than it hit me.  After i got into the fight sarah came over my house to try in comfort me well so we had sex and at the end i ate her out. (if your wondering why she didnt notice the cold sore i told her it was from the fight shes a stupid bitch).  well anyways a few days later she calls me crying and says that she has herpes and says she might of given it to me. i was like how did you get it and she said she might of gotten it from dick and she admitted to cheating on me.  At this point i felt really bad and was going to come clean than this bitch says she might of gotten it from three other guys she slept.  anyways after this i felt so much better and i passed my midterms.   

Uploaded 08/11/2008
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