Yesterday, there is a truck in Orlando, FL that has an annoying horn that sounds like a train. The owner honks the stupid horn every day and pisses every one off.

A fellow Security Officer called me and said, “I found that stupid truck and I just keyed the shit out of the damn thing! I got it really good several times on both sides!”

Then another guy I know who writes parking tickets wrote it two more tickets. He always writes that truck up.


My old fourth grade teacher was a piece of shit and acted like a drill Sgt. He was a child molester, etc. I hated him.

Years later, I put his house up for sale in the local news paper. Then his car and another five cars that he did not even own.

Then I went to the book store and took the inserts out of over 300 different magazines and filled them out in his name and sent them all in!

Later on I tried to have his power cut off and his address changed, but I couldn’t do that they wanted his signature and account number and some other shit. So I couldn’t do that.

Of course I gave him some good prank calls at all hrs of the day and night. Even when he was at work.

Then I drove by his house in the middle of the night and cranked my radio, spun my tires, screamed out the window. Then I threw about 100 packs of fire crackers out the window in his yard. It sounded like Viet Nam! I saw lights turn on in his house and I knew I ruined his good night of sleep. He also must have thought someone was doing a drive by on him.

Serves him right!

Then of course I had to toilet paper him and vandalize his car.



A job screwed over a friend of mine, and he noticed they were dumping oil on the ground every day. They also did not have enough fire extinguishers and the fire exits were blocked.

So after he quit the job, he called some other people, including: DEA, ATF, Fire Marshal, EPA, Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), OSHA, local police, and several other places.

Needless to say, the company was not open much longer. The owner and manager both went to jail and had to pay huge fines to!

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