Reverse Exploration

No wall of text this time - I promise.    I just wanted to let you guys know about a documentary I watched last night, that was so cool that I just had to write about it.
The National Geographic (the people who have been showing us tribal titties for so long) have turned the tables!  Instead of us going there to look at boobs, and maybe learn a little about different cultures and ways of life, they took a couple Chiefs from a Papa New Guinea tribe, put them on a plane, and shipped em off to France, where they got the chance to witness and learn about the "white man", and of course to see some white titties.   They liked the titties, but their favourite part of the burlesque show they saw, was the use of feathers.  They were more astonished by the fact that women wear and work with feathers, than they were about the titties flopping around.   They called it the "most beautiful show in all the world", but they didn't see everything in the same light.
Having not grown up within a modern society, their outlook on it is unbiased, and basic - fundamentally speaking.  They seem to immediately notice and unearth the hard truths of our society, that we're too afraid, or ashamed to admit.  The best example of that is when they visited a nursing home.  At home in their tribe they respect and care for their elders.  They discussed why they thought we hired people to care for the elderly, and paid to put them in homes.  They concluded that it was because we spend too much time at our jobs, that we need to do to pay for everything, including housing and care for our elders. My favourite parts were when they go home and describe everything they saw to their tribe.  The guy with the stick poked through his nose said "When our elders cannot walk, we carry them on our back, which is hard.  In France they build little cars for them to get around in" , referring to wheelchairs. 
In Papa New Guinea, they, like us, spend a lot of time trying to get laid.  However, to marry, a man must own pigs.  It's a sign of wealth, and act as offerings, just like men here offer an engagement ring.   So the producers thought it would be neat to bring them to an industrial pig farm. They mentioned that, to the Chiefs, it would be much like if one of us were to visit the vault of a bank.  First thing they did was go around and count the pigs.  Later they asked the farmer, "So you must have 600 pigs here, do you believe you are rich?" and of course the farmer said "Well, not really.  I've experienced some economic troubles." On their return home, they told their fellow tribesman that "Although the white man has a large house, and many pigs, he will not admit he is rich."   
It was kind of embarrassing to watch.  I'd compare it to someone trying to explain why they put boots on their Pomeranian.  Sometimes, after we are faced with the challenge of rationalizing our behaviour, it seems to be less rational than we originally thought.   'Reverse Exploration' is one of the most interesting, funny, and thought provoking documentaries I have ever seen!  It's hands-down my favourite piece of educational film, and believe it should be shown in schools (despite the brief nudity) to teach people about culture, and diversity.   Jus' sa
Uploaded 06/14/2013
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