Review of Avatar

Remember that movie where the United States is expanding it's territory? Yea, they've discovered some new expensive, rare material that's worth hundreds, and they're ready to start collecting it. Only one problem, there's a whole civiliation of indigenous people in the way. Riding horseback, whooping, and armed with arrows and spears, which the U.S. counters with advanced military technology. These people have a completely separate language, and a completely different outlook on life. They thank an animal after killing it, and make sure to use every part of it, so none goes to waste. Remember how that one U.S. soldier is captured by them, and then indoctrinated into their society? Remember how he falls in love with the girl who teaches him the language and way of life? Then remember how he unites the people to fight back against the invading U.S. Army?


It was a terrific movie, if I recall. It even won four stars. What was that movie called again? Was it Avatar? No, no no, before that. Oh, that's right. You might have heard of it.


It was called Dances With fucking Wolves. Ever heard of it? Yea. You have.


Ever heard of the Sequel? Dances with Wolves: In Space? Yup. That's Avatar.


Now don't get me wrong, Avatar was fucking amazing. I absolutely loved it. The lush environments, the engrossing soundtrack, and even the 3d techniques were done tastefully. It just seemed a little familiar.


Now, as much as I'd love to end the review here on a funny note, I can't. This movie was just too damn good. Take Dances with Wolves (in space), and add a bunch of deeper themes, and the outcome is one damn good movie. These themes include:


-Use of Private Military Corporations (PMCs) in our armed forces

-Themes of religion, and spirtuality

- The use of technology as an escape from our lives, and the disturbing consequences of that (pay attention there, it's a lil subtle).

-300-esque one-against-many battles, etc.


And now that I'm going over all of the things that happened in the flick, my mind is blown once again. So, my verdict is a full 5 out of 5 stars.


Uploaded 12/18/2009
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