Richard Feynman - The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

I've been watching videos of Richard Feynman and he is basically the fucking man. At one point he explains how we try to figure things out in our head and how just because we accept something to be one way, it's not until something unusual happens that we have a chance to realize the big picture. He uses this analogy to explain himself. I'm sure you'll interperet this differently than I did. Regardless, it's interesting as fuck.


Imagine that you're a piece in a game of chess. You have no idea how the game works, yet you are trying to figure out all the rules. We can say, for example, that the bishop always stays on the same color. You may later realize that the bishop can only move diagonally. After a while it is just accepted that those are the rules that apply to the bishop. Then one day you're in another game and everything is exactly the same, until half way through the game, the bishop is on a different color of the board. In the game of chess, the rule is that if you get a pawn to the other side of the board, you get a piece back. That pawn just happened to be on a different color than the bishop is supposed to be on. It may take many more games before that happens enough times to realize why the bishop is on a different color, but it doesn't change the rules.

Uploaded 03/21/2010
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