A few months ago I was walking to the mall up town. It was a beautiful day and I had a few bills to pay and other things to do. On my way there i had to cross the road near the Recreation Center to take the trail which shaves 10 minutes off the walking time.

As I went to cross the road there was a car heading towards me , but the driver had her signal light on to turn right on the road about 25 - 30 feet ahead of me, but as i crossed the road ( at a designated crosswalk ) she kept going straight and had to slam on her breaks to avoid hiting me in the middle of the road.

Then this BITCH had the nerve to lean out her window and scream at me " GET OUT OF THE FUCKING ROAD YOU IDIOT ", well needless to say I screamed back some pretty nasty things to her as she turned "LEFT" just past the intersection. Now Im usually a verry calm person but I turn pretty evil when I know Im right and i have to deal with idiots who think they know fucken everything. Not saying I know everything, just saying that I know when Im right. Just like in this situation, i had the right of way , i was at a crosswalk, she had signaled to turn right but went straight not to forget that she didnt slow at a crosswalk for a crossing pedestrian ( AGAINST THE LAW ) so I knew I was right.

But it get better!

I went to the mall to take care of my business and happened to see this woman parked infront of the general store, on the side of the road ( ALSO ILEGAL ). She recognised me and stared flipping out at me. Well I had it out with her and told her off about how I had the right of way and that she needed to learn to be more aware of her surroundings when she was at the wheel. Needless to say she was super pissed off and when her passenger got out of the store she sped off doing well over the limit and cursing at the top of her lungs the whole way.

But wait ...... there's more!!

Currently I have purchased my verry first car a 1997 Dodge Neon, nothing big , just enough to get me to work and around town when I need to. Im not saying Im a perfect driver but I try to be as considerate and as safe of a driver as I can be ( partly due to that particular inncodent ). Well I saw the car that this woman was driving, I didnt recognise it at first because it was TOTALLY WRECKED. (BTW small town so it was easy to recognise the car) So I asked the owner of the scrap yard (A friend of the family) what had happened. He told me that this woman had been speeding around not 2 weeks prior and slamed into the driving schools learners car doing 80 or so in a 50 zone.

I cant really say I was shocked. I knew she was a crazzy bitch ( not that all women drivers are ), so I asked about the people in the learning car. The driving instructor is ok, so is the student alltho she is in the hospital with a busted leg and a few busted ribs , but she will be fine. As for the woman who hit her , well shes alive but with a broken arm, leg, ribs , and whiplash....... oh yah and a fuck load of unpaid tickets, impaired driving charges, suspendid license and a mess of other shit too.

Karma really is a bitch, and she comes back Ten-Fold, so too keep accidents to a minimum please learn to be a considerate and safe driver, or it could be you or someone you love in a hospital ..... or worse !!


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