RIP blog section

RIP or not, is it really worth caring about the blog sectiion anymore? just a few main people blog and some trolls who could, in all possibilities, be the same lifeless troll... who cares right? only thing to say on that subject is that numbers fell when said troll turned up on the scene.

I guess people come to a blog section to get a fair chance to express themselves. thumbs and stars are a way of judging whether what you blog or comment on is appreciated by others. certain users using alternate accounts make the rating system obsolete. trolls are more interested in messing with the people and the system than making interesting conversation starters or adding constructive comments to blogs.

i dont blame the trolls so much as there are many factors that motivate them to do so, not to mention mental or emotional instability. I guess i blame the moderators, or lack of, for the infestation. they needed to call the exterminators in a long time ago, but didn't... RIP blog section, you rotted from the inside because of lack of care and attention, may you be a lesson to all other administrators of blog sections in the future... tear drops onto cheek... fade to black...

Uploaded 09/17/2011
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