Ritual Part II

Sam looked over at Nancy. Her eyes were fixed straight ahead and she was as pale as the moon. The train was still crawling in front of them but that wasn't what she was looking at. "What's up Nan?" It took a few seconds for what he was seeing beyond the train to register and even then he wasn't sure what to make of it. His heart instinctively started to race.

Part 2

They could see the Mustang that had pulled up in the opposite direction. Its headlights created a strobe light effect as the boxcars passed. A few yards behind the car was the shape of a tall man. He was trying to get their attention by waving both arms. He held something in his right hand. After several box cars passed, the strobing effect made it clear. Nancy had made out the knife seconds before Sam. Sam's heart was pounding now. "What the hell?" Sam said. "Did you see anyone get out of the car?"

"No one."

The shadow standing behind the Mustang reached his arms in the air and clasped his hands above his head. He bent to the left then right as if he was warming up for a marathon. There was no doubt about the weapon now. It was a silver dagger. Its blade had that distinct medieval ripple from the handle to the tip.

"Honk the horn." Nancy said. "Honk the horn!"

Sam laid on the horn and flickered his brights. The added light revealed a young kid behind the wheel. He couldn't be much more than 16. Probably on his way home from work thought Sam. Nancy quickly realized they were scaring the shit out of this kid.

"Where is the end of this f_cking train!" She screamed.

The dark figure had waited patiently. The space between box cars became like individual frames of a movie. A box car passed - he was beside the car. Another passed - the car door was open and the kid is half dragged out. Another and the kid was in a choke hold. Then the movie paused. It was the same picture frame after frame. The dark figure holding this kid by the neck and looking straight at the young couple.

There was nothing they could do but watch. And that is what he wanted. Sam was sure of that or the kid would be dead by now. The train continued on and the killer started to move on each strobe. The TING TING TING of the crossing bell became a gruesome metronome to the action taking place. Sam was sure it had become ten times louder than it was when they first pulled up. The kid was bleeding in a straight line from his neck to his gut. Then from shoulder to shoulder creating a bloody cross. The teen's face was distorted from the pain. His screams overcame the train and penetrated the Malibu's glass. Nancy, in tears, rummaged for her cell phone while begging Sam to turn the car around.

Sam didn't respond. He was unable to look away. This frightened Nancy even more. Seeing the end of the train coming, her voice cracked as she pleaded with Sam. He was a statue. Sam's disbelief had him paralyzed. Frame after frame he watched this kid lose his life at the hands of another. "Why does he want us to watch?" was the only thought that would register. This was the only though his brain would allow.

Nancy went to Sam's side of the car and opened the door. She lowered her shoulder and Like a linebacker, forced Sam to the passenger side. She threw the car in reverse and took off just as the tail end of the train passed. With stuntman like precision, she hit the brakes, slammed the wheel hard right-put the car in drive and sped off in the opposite direction. Tears now streaming down her face, Nancy checked the rear view mirror then looked at Sam.

Sam looked back and said blankly "Why did he want us to watch Nan? Why?" 

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