RJM Stalks a Dude?

RJM: She's old enough to look 18, too!

G: RJM legal age of consent in Texas is 17 she turns it in 10 days :)

RJM: 9 days, Adam...

RJM: ...but who's counting?

G: how u know my name.. wtf

RJM: I use my chick stalking resources.

RJM: Adam, do you live on Patton Street?

G: no now who told u my name...

RJM: Maybe Bunker Hill, Mr. G**?

G: your starting to freak me out RJM seriously wtf

RJM: What is your zip code? I'll tell you how many bedrooms are in your house...

G: so gabby told u.. obviously..?

G: 7****

RJM: You should live in a newer house... Those homes from the 1960s could have asbestos...

G: thats right... what in the world how did u know that?

G: SERIOUSLY HOW U KNOW MY HOUSE WAS MADE IN THE 1960s lol ur why they created restraining orders..

RJM: Adam, are you on the North side of Forest Ln? Or the South side?

G: im actually on ***** ln but ur close

RJM: Is your name spelled G** or G***?

G: g***.. like the guy from street fighter how did u find out my last name.. i wanna know tell me

G: lol im gonna moon u guys if u have a live feed in my house

RJM: Actually I was wrong, your house was built in 1954. It's got 3 bathrooms... I'm not really sure how many bedrooms. Probably 4? NW corner of R***** and St. M********. It was bought from a lady named Carol. Carol Burnnet, like the actress. But it wasn't the actress. You guys moved in in October 1996. The mortgage checks are sent to Aegis... It looks like you have central heating and air.... Should I go on?

G: but.. how? i have just been violated..

RJM: 2715 square feet... 2 car garage... single story...

G: are u some sort of hacker or something RJM

G: ahhhh wtf bro stop that shit ur scaring me.. lol that was kind of cool u dug up all that info.. now how did u do it??hmm??

RJM: Wanna know how much the payments are?

G: plz dont steal my idenity and no.. id rather not know what my parents mortage is..

G: RJM plz dont steal my indenity im not rich at all just letting u know..

RJM: He has a fireplace, too.

G: those cold winters :)

maramz: I'm sure there are lots of Adam's in whatever county he is in

RJM: Dallas

G: yea but he knew freaking adress practicaly

RJM: I'll mail a post card to 7*** R**** Ln...

G: omg dude.. im just letting u know my credit sucks

RJM: Your credit isn't that bad... 632.

G: stay atleast 100 comments away from me lol

RJM: I just made all this up. I don't know anything about you, Adam. Tell M****** and M** goodnight for me!

G: RJM knows my freaking parents name im scared to go to sleep now.. he prolly gonna steal our indenity (plz dont)

RJM: You also like to play World of Warcraft...

G: lol

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