Road Rage Prick Pro

Pedestrians beware.

If i had a car that i would not mind crashing, i would turn my self into a road rage prick. Whenever that damn cab cut me off again, ill just crash him out of the road. The old lady going at 10 mph in the fast lane, i would bump her from behind (...), i would give her a small push, just stick my car into hers, and push it untill it got to 60 mph, and when she starts to panic, ill overtake her and salute her as i pass by. "no need to thank me maam, just doing this road and the world some service" =)

Aah, the rich bitch on her huge fucking truck or the jerk on the sports car, allways on their cell, driving slow, driving badly..ill just crash them in the drivers side, shouting "hung your fucking cell phone, jerk! youre going to kill someone bitch!". This same rich women on their huge cars with huge insurance, theyb dont care if they crash, on a small parking lot, they will just throw their trucks at you, they are menace, just as that half blind senior citizen that somehow renew his/her license. There are a lot of people out there that need to be road raged. The one that drives in between both lanes, just crash em back to where they belong, in one of them damn lanes, the ass that stops forever at a stop sign. crash em, i say, while you shout "it says stop, not stay to live here asshole!". Yes, good ol' road raging for the masses, road raging those who deserve it, maybe justice in a pure state, maybe not.

Thx fo reading.





Uploaded 06/24/2009
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