Roasted Babies

Yes, roasted babies wrapped in gold foil. So a British national was caught with six roasted babies wrapped in gold foil in  Bangkok for the purposes of trading them to rich individuals who use them for black magic rituals.  You can't make this stuff up.

Not only is this story bizarre, but even more so, because it's an ongoing tradition among the wealthy that believe by keeping a roasted baby wrapped in gold foil will bring them luck or rid them of their bad luck.

The man arrested might spend one year in jail and get a $65 dollar fine. Good thing he wasn't smuggling hashish, I'm pretty sure they whip you to death in Taiwan for that.

There were reports a few years ago about how some Chinese eat  foetuses as a delicacy. There were even some pretty disturbing pictures like this one.

It turns out this was an artist displaying his art work.  To me both eating foetuses and creating something that looks like a roasted foetus for the purpose of eating are just as depraved.

There have been some reports that roasted babies are on the dinner menu at the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia by  Alex Jones. While I can't imagine that, when I take a look at some of the attendees, they do look as though they do eat babies.

David Rockefeller with his blood shot eyes and evil grin. Tell me he doesn't give you the willies!2011+David+Rockefeller+Award+Luncheon+Ox

Zbigniew Brzezinski. Is this guy even a human? David Icke's idea about lizard people is certainly supported here.  

Viscount Etienne Davignon. Would you leave your baby alone with this guy?davignon.jpg

George Soros. He'd steal his Grand Mother's savings. Why not some roasted baby parts?5078607820_dcd5043644.jpg

Rt. Hon. Denis Healey. Looks as if he has an appetite for unusual fare, but then the British eat spotted dick for dessert. Look at those fangs! Oh yeah, right, he's British. LOL

Henry Kissinger. Seems to be suffering from indigestion? 

Prince Bernhard. Looks more like a serial killer contemplating your death.1900%20Bernhard.jpg

King Harald the V of Norway. Seems like sweet fella! Reminds me of that mad scientist from the movie Centipede.

So these are some of the true ruling elite of the world. Do they eat roasted babies? I doubt it, but they certainly look like they could.
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