Roasted Garlic Means 24 Hours of Fun

I periodically roast a bulb of garlic in the middle of the night.  Not only is it a delicious and sweet midnight snack, but it's fun for the entire day to follow.

First, after digesting, you get to sniff your wonderful smelling garlic fingers, while enjoying the rest of the garlic that's left on your breath.  Ah, the delicious aromas!  But, then, you stop noticing the immediate effects of the roasted garlic, and that's when it becomes fun for everyone around you. 

You don't notice the smell of the garlic sweating out of your pores, but everyone else does, and believe me, they aren't as happy about it as you were when you were smelling your fingers.  You open your mouth, and they walk away.  You just stand near them and they run.  This is a great opportunity to play a game of chase.  The more you chase, the more you sweat.  The more you sweat, the faster they run away. 

But, the main reason why eating roasted garlic is awesome?  It's for the sweetest smelling farts you'll ever have (and you WILL have them) all day long.  Every toot, an aromatic treat and delight for your nose.  These farts will wake you up from your sleep, and will continue to brighten your spirits for the rest of the day.


Uploaded 10/31/2008
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