robot horse


The old six shooter laser pistols hung there sad on the wall gathering dust. The owner was a block away drinkin' his worldy sorrows away. Even his mechanical horse wasn't what she used to be. Town didn't need cleaning up anymore. No place for a sheriff. "Aint that right... Sheriff." Chuckled one of the card players. "Aw leave the old man alone." The law man finished his stiff drink and mounted his robot horse. A alien space ship appeared out of the sky. The drunken man squinted and let out a belch. What in tar-nation? He didn't know what it was. Didn't much care. But if he was a little more sober he mighta noticed 15 green men leave the craft armed to the teeth with weapons. When ol John Lockwood woke up, or that is was woken up, he wondered where the screamin was coming from. He didn't even look at his laser pistols, just went straight to the window to peek. There in the middle of town was a large metal saucer. Sitting on 3 legs, with one hole and a ramp that led to it.

One by one the towns people where being led like cattle up in it. Maybe this was his chance to do what he was born to do, he thought. And that's kill shit. So he grabbed his guns mounted his robot horse and his robot horse did that stand on her hind legs. Also the sun was just rising and it was behind him. Just imagine that shit people, fuckin sweet. So off he rode shooting lasers at the aliens. They slimed their green pantaloons and let all the people go. Only one alien survived and he tried to fly away but John Lockwood threw a sticky bomb and blew up the whole space ship. He rode away from the explosion without even looking at it, cus that's what bad asses do. A piece of flaming metal flew over his head and he lit his cigarette with it as it flew by. All the towns people respected their sheriff. Then credits came on and that one space cowboy song played with naked pics of sexy bitches wearing cowboy hats n sometimes boots.

The End

Uploaded 04/21/2013
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