Rock Fest 2011

I went to Rock Fest in Kansas City, MO. Now I know most of you fuckers here on EBW's don't know this. But their are other humans outside the LED computer screen, that actually do shit.


Anyways, I liked the Concerts, but their was a lot of shit that went wrong after.


Rock Fest is a crazy ass dope party. Nothing but people smoking pot eating shrooms, taking acid, and shirtless chicks. The people I went with smoked a ton of fucking weed (I don't smoke nor drink, I don't like my mind being fucked up. Call me a fag if you want, I don't give a mother fuck.

Anyways, The main stage (Monster (c) Stage) sucked a huge dick. The second stage was with the not so famous bands, but boy, they knew how to work the crowd.


Anyways, their were about 3 people fucking in the damn viewing area, alot of redneck bikers fucking old "rider milfs" aka saggy biker puss. The weird thing was the police didn't arrest anyone for smoking pot or eating shrooms.


Now, if you like clean events this one wasn't for you. Their were beer cups, liquor bottles, turkey leg bones, and steak burgers all over the fucking ground. Wouldn't suprise me if their were a few dead bodies on the ground from drug overdoses.


So Rock Fest was one big ass orgy, and drug party.


Now onto the ride fucking home. My friend drove us up there, and his clutch was burnt out so we had to get a ride to this small ass fucking town and had to stay the night with one of our pot head friends who hasn't done shit in the last 5 years of his life. Got no fucking sleep and had to ride a fucking train home. Not only that I got to go to work in fucking 4 and a half hours. Because of the vehicle problems, I will never attend Rock Fest again in my life, with pot heads.



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