romancin' guide by froggy

How to be romantic

A guide by frogbob


1.) Candles.

2.) Also, a slew of impractical shit. If you cant afford diamonds, anything that doesnt do anything. Its true. Get something cuddly, furry, heart shaped, good to go.

3.) red.

4.) dont say anything. Seriously. Romance isnt about thoughtful, deep philosophical talks, its all about saying, youre beautiful I did this for you. you can say the dumbest thing in the world, but as long as its nice, itll sound like it came from a verse from Shakespeare.

5.) Michael Bolton. Nuff sed.

6.) call her snuggy-head.

7.) put your penis in a hotdog bun

8.) if all else fails, sit her down, rub her feets then clean the house. Or better yet, clean the whole fucking house while shes gone. When she gets home shell notice, believe me. Its like if she came to your office and filed all your paper work, youd beast-mode-love her. 

Do not:

1.) get naked and put peanut butter all over you. I know you think it works, I tried this theory and just take my word for it, its awkward.

2.) if you even think of playing r&b, ill find out where you live, stalk you till the time is right, drag you into a dark ally and rape your fucking mouth.

3.) call her wuggysnuggle.

4.) strip clubs

5.) *wink* im not wearing underpants.

6.) are you going to eat that?

7.) makeup and kitchen appliances. Its like, hey you look bad, or hey go make me food.

use this song while you're romancin' her fucking head off. shell see my sexy ass blog and get moist.

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