I went to college in the fall in 2010, and became best friends with my roommate. I transferred schools in the spring, and now I have a good roommate again. Everyone says I'm lucky as hell, getting a solid roommates two times in a row. I agree, because I realize eventually you come across a real shitty person to live with. I think I've found that person next semester. The Kid I'm going to live with is pretty legit, funny, knows how to talk to girls. He's got a pretty sweet deal on this house he owns and has a flexible payment plan, sounds great right? One problem, he's kind of a doucher. I can't stand douchers. A doucher is someone who constantly has to say things that makes themselves sound better because I guess they've got some insecurities. This doucher keeps reminding me how I'm short, or at least shorter than he is. I'm about 5'9 and he's 6'0. Big fucking deal. I think he thinks he could kick my ass or something when he weighs only 135 pounds and can only bench press that. He also thinks his Toyota Celica is the coolest fucking car on the road. The kid thinks he's god's gift to man. We'll see how it goes. Maybe one day I'll get to kick his ass and assert my alpha maleness around the house, you know, have him clean up my shit, bang his sister. Just need to "speak softly and carry a big stick". 
Uploaded 03/30/2011
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