Ruining the beauty we have..

So i have this fuck buddy, keith..basically every time he's home from college, we hook up. it's been going on since the middle of the summer.

over thanksgiving, i went to this party with him and some other friends, and while he went somewhere eles, one of my friends told me that one of his friends told her that apparently keith talks about me all the time, wondering where i am, it it'd be cool if he invited me somewhere..i didn't really think anything of it.

but lately i've notcied him getting kind of attatched to me. before we'd text everyonce in a while but only to send dirty pics..but now he texts me almost everyday..and seems to get jealous if i even mention another guy.

and he's always asking me when i'm gunna come stay with him at his apparetment for a weekend. like i'm gunna drive 3 and a half hours and pay a toll to stay with him for 2 days..

plus, when i told him we couldn't "hang out" anymore when i was dating that other guy..he got pretty pissed and kept saying he's tired of my games..

i'm a guy when it comes to sex, so i always thought that's all there was with us. we've never gone out together, and it's pretty much all we do when we do get together.

call me a bitch but i don't want our relationship to be anything more than hooking up, but i'm worried he's starting to want more. i'm not gunna talk to him about it because thats just weird..should i drop him?

Uploaded 12/06/2008
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