Rules for a fight.

After watching here on ebaumsworld numerous fight videos i have come to the realization that people just don't know the rules.  so once again here are my set of rules.

1.  Fights are to be even sided, 1v1 2v2.  none of this 20 v 1.   Also if it's lopsided you may join in and help out the person or group being overwhelmed. 

2.  just because your friend is fighting doesn't give you the right to throw punches.  stay out of it and support your friend verbally.

3.  sucker punches are for bitches, and only a pussy sucker punches someone.  if you can't handle a fight then don't throw a punch.  nuff said.

4.  girls want equal rights.  they are entitled to an equal ass whooping.  would you rather be know as the guy who slammed a bitch to the ground?  or the guy who got beat up by a girl?

5.  men it is your duty and right to stand up for your woman.  but at the sametime if she's only starting shit cause you back her up you can let her take a few hits before you get involved.

6.  women if you're defending your man you have full permission to kick the shit out of whoever is bothering him.  Guys if your girl defends you it's not a bad thing, and she just may be wife material.

7.  if you bring a knife to a fist fight you're a bitch.  also remember someone else may have brought a gun.  so think before you pull out a weapon.

8.  if you're the shit talker and you get your ass handed to you take your defeat with pride, then learn to shut your fucking mouth.

as always, if you can think of more to add then please do so in the comments section.
Uploaded 02/12/2011
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