Rules for writing rule blogs.

Noticing a little trend with one of the the blog people here, so I'd like to share a few short rules.

Rule 1.  Gain a reputation.  Even Hitler had to convince people to like him before he started gassing the jews.  You can't just gas jews without followers.  

Rule 2.  Know something that isn't obvious.  And just because you only recently discovered something, or if you had just thought it up all by yourself, that doesn't make it innovative or original.

Rule 3.  We're all up for hearing about your life experiences, and are glad that you have the mental capacity to learn something from them.  It would be appreciated if you didn't go on about it like you're the founding father of dealing with life in a point form, blatantly obvious and not very entertaining Rule Blog.   The truth is, most of us here have graduated grade 5 and can read a short story if you can write one.

Rule 4 and above.  Always, and I mean always remember.  This is EBW.  No matter what you say, or how right you may be,  someone will always disagree. (Hell, there's already people picking this blog apart, and it's not even posted yet).

You'll find these rules very helpful in your rule blogs to come.  You're welcome.
Uploaded 02/26/2011
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