Rules of Blog

Rules for Blogging

1. No Spamming. That means no advertisements for your site or some site that you are trying to promote unless its of real interest. That goes for commenting also.

2. No Copy Pasta. If you need to quote something, give credit where its due.*

3. If you want to call somebody out or have a battle blog, make it clear in the title of the blog so you dont waste everybodys time that doesnt want to be involved.

4. Try to use correct grammar and spelling, and please, no l337 5p34k!

5. Consider if your thought is appropriate for the blog section, or if it belongs in the forums or live chat.

6. If your blog is written in multiple parts, do not post more than two in a row. Otherwise it will be considered spam and all but the first two parts will be removed. This pertains to every 24 hour period.

7. No blatent racist or anti-gay blogs or the use of the topics of abusing women or children. If you want to talk about race or gay politics do it with discretion.



What else? Do you disagree with any of these?


*This blog was all written by pepperpeanut

Uploaded 09/19/2010
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