Rules of Engagement for the Moderator.

There never has been a code book written for moderators of eBaum'sWorld.  This has caused a bit of drama in the distant past and to a lesser degree more recently.  I think one should be written, and perhaps this blog would be a good start.

Similarly, this could be the accepted terms for users of this site in general.

Here's my Rules for Engagement that I think moderators on this site --including the forum and chat section-- should follow.

I figure this could be a living document that can be edited, altered, and added to with the suggestions supplied by you, the eBaum'sWorld community, and of course eBaum'sWorld administrators and moderators.



I) Post, contribute, and reply.  Be a visible and an active member of the site.

II) Walk the Walk.  Live by the same rules you enforce.

II) Be a Man.  Or woman.  This is eBaums.  Your subjected to the same lashings as everyone else.  Personal attacks are a part of being loved here. Fuck you

IV) Join the Moderator Group.  This is where users will find the list of moderators in case one is needed.  Note: This group is now defunct since the change in management in January 2009, and needs to be recreated.  Waiting on you, UCM.

V) Use Meebo.  Be online.  This is a great way for users to alert moderators right away.  If you don't like being bugged, you shouldn't be a moderator.



The following items are subject to actions against the user responsible:

I) Racism.  It is a fact that it is not allowed, but use discretion and common sense. eBaums is a humor site and things are not taken at face value.

II) Spam.  If a user repeats the identical post more than 3 times, or if the posts are non-relevant to the media, discussions, or general character of the thread, blog, media, or comment content, he or she is probably spamming.  There is a glitch that many users are aware of that circumvents the 30 second timer for media comments.  When this glitch occurs, the comment board often freezes and some users may post repeat comments unintentionally.  Be sure to warn users before taking any drastic actions.

III) Pornography/Gore.  Uploading mature content not in Mature or NSFW section.

IV) Other illegal content.  Copyrighted media, links to malicious sites, or media intended to slander another user.  Uploaders must follow the Terms of Use.

V) Advertising. Posting external links for commercial gain in anything other than descriptions of media, the user's "About Me" section, or forum signature is not allowed.*

VI) Internet Crime.  Breaking state or federal laws such as hacking, password theft, child pornography, fraud, harassment, or threats.

VII) Harassment.  Comments, posts, threads, blogs, or groups created with the intention to emoionally disturb, slander or inflict harm on another user beyond that of a general annoyance or insult.  Insults that are not personal in nature are not and not continuous are not harassment.  If possible, prior to taking action against a user for harassment, the alleged victim should be asked if they feel they are being harassed.

VIII) Current Events.  The Current Events Forum has a separate code of conduct that must be followed by users.  Insults are not generally tolerated, and the bar for what is appropriate is higher than the rest of the eBaum'sWorld website.

VIV) Chat Hack.  Use of, or threats to use hacks, or alter the settings of live chat.

*Exception: Sharing external links as part of a discussion, or in the general character of the eBaum'sWorld fashion shall be allowed.  User's are encouraged to share media using the eLinks section of the website.



  I) Warnings. Give at least one warning.*  Possibly two if it appears a mistake is being made, or the user isn't clear on the rules.

  II) Bannable Offenses.  Any user that blatantly disregards the warnings should be banned.

  III) IP Ban. If a user returns under another account while banned, AND continues to behave inappropriately, they may be IP banned by an administrator or Super Moderator.

  IV) PermaBan.  PermaBan is only implemented by administrators of the site.  This is reserved for users that act maliciously enough to cause harm.

  V) Reason Given.  Being an idiot is not reason enough to take action.  Cite your reason for taking action and send a link to these terms.

  VI) Deleting posts, blogs, threads, and comments.  Don't do it unless it was reported (in the forums) or the post maliciously violates items in Section 2.  Use discretion.  Notify the poster that it was deleted and why it was deleted.  Each time.

*Exception: Breaking the law, returning under an alternate user name to continue offenses, malicious behavior, and accounts created for the sole purpose to spam may be banned without warning.


Miscellaneous Information:

"Front Page" Administrators:

PepperPeanut- MacDreidel- e2TheRock- Macsimus

"Front Page" and Live Chat Moderators:

UsedCarMan- DreaD08- xdanax- Charly_manson- White_Chocolate- Mizuka

Forum Administrators and Moderators are listed here.

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