rules to survive the zombie apocalypse

I'm back with another set of my rules.  i got some nasty messages last blog about the men vs women thing.  so back to what i'm good at. 

Here we go, most of you have either read, or worship max brooks book the zombie survival guide.

here is my take on it.

rule 1.  you're in an apocalyptic situation.  if you're a guy find as many women as you can. 
if you're a woman tag along with one guy, and help him pick up other women. 
the reason for this is when trying to repopulate the earth it's easier to do with a bunch of women and a few men instead of vice versa.

rule 2.  carry a smaller shot gun.  a 12 gauge is good, but it gets heavy and the ammo isn't that small.  carry a 20 gauge instead.  it will still blow the deads off of some zeds.

rule 3.  when it comes to clothes dress for success.  don't wear anything too cumbersome, but make sure it's not to loose either.  you want it to be comfortable when you run away, or tight enough that stray grasping hands can't grab onto it.

rule 4.  kill anyone that gets bitten.  it doesn't matter if it's your mom, dad, brother or nana.  they are now the enemy and it's your duty as a human to wipe them from the face of the earth.

rule 5.  sleep in shifts.  if you have a group of people sleep in set shifts.  do this through out the day.  that way everyone is getting rested.

rule 6.  find batteries and cd players.  the constant moaning of your sexual partner may be fun to hear, but the constant moaning of a zombie will drive you insane.  find ways to block it out.

rule 7.  if all else fails get on the roof of a school, set up tents and camp out.  little known fact about most american schools, they are built to be as tough as prisons, cause that's basically what they are.  get on top of a school building and make sure it's loaded with supplies.  also bring some glass bottles and any flammable liquids.  chucking cocktail bombs from a building is a great stress relieved when dealing with the undead.

rule 8.  be prepared.  i already have my survival kit ready to go, it includes a pistol, a rifle, and a shotgun.  make it so you're ready to disappear at the first signs of the zombie outbreak.
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