Rumblings of the Stunned

"Write drunk, drive sober." - Highway Patrol

-Becoming infamous overnight must be like having people that have met you before a million times not liking you for no good reason, to having a million people you've never met know your name for a really bad reason.

-As much as I enjoy having someone attack me personally during a debate, so  that I can use it to point out how I've won.  That is now a tactic that allows me to recover as immature people shake my ideas.



-Why are the sprouts not acting as his mane?  This makes no sense.  Thanks for spoiling my late night trip to Walgreens, Chia Pet. I'm just happy this thing didn't exist when I experimented with acid.




-Just found a goof not listed on imdb.  Watching "Red Dawn" on Netflix.  Right after the boys escape the invasion and are first shown in the woods, there's a part where Patrick Swayze holds up a radio damaged by gunfire, and there's just some guy that looks like Mr. Belvedere standing there.  Then he walks off screen, and there's some guy that looks like Ron Swanson standing behind him, and both are dressed like they were doing a photo shoot for the 1984 LL Bean Winter catalog.  They're right in the shot, plain as day.  Hilarious. Of course, this distraction ruined the scene for me and the movie began to fall apart as I then became distracted.

-When a child is homely and boring, they are considered losers.  If an adult is really talented and successful, they are seen as unapproachable   The secret to success in life seems to be seeing the beauty of every child  and providing a good example as an adult. 


-What if the Westboro Baptist Church are really good people, but became bored with all the pleasantries and prefer the excitement of controversy?



-It's difficult to share what's going on in your life with your parents, because they always want to give advice. Sometimes I'm not sure if they are actually talking to me or if  they are trying to remind themselves of what they should be doing.



-The crowd was eerily silent.  The only sound was the distinct dropping of a pin. I have often wondered what that sounds like.


-Is it just me, or does anything with "collector's edition" printed on it seem automatically devalued? Society  as it is today, values such organization, the loss in value is the loss of creativity and individualism that comes from such organization.


-The new year is like a new Handy Dandy Finder Binder. Every time you had one, you were like "I'm going to be super organized this time around." And then the top hole on one of your folders breaks free from the ring, and the syllabus gets crumpled at the bottom of your backpack, and it turns to chaos. Here's to the neat and tidy half-month. No matter how you package someone else's ramblings  unless they contain a part of you, they can blow in the wind and you'll be all the wiser.

-When I'm writing one of these random thoughts down late at night after some recreation, I'll often have one of those moments Ralphie has in "A Christmas Story", where he's writing his theme paper, stops and says "Oh man, that's great!"  The next morning, I'll read it back and have the same opinion, until the hangover wears away.



-The reason a stranger might seem more attractive than your partner upon first consideration is the reason a present unopened is still a potential surprise.  Knowing a soul is one of the most beautiful things in the world, but you take its beauty for granted because you see it with all it's frailties.  I suppose that's the gist of the term "Love".


-For an adult the work day stretches on forever.  This is why bed time to a child gets the same reaction as if you died and want your relationship to end immediately.

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