Runnin' With the eBones and Much More

Well, I've seen enough blogs, comments, and remarks about the new system to finally make a blog about it. I might as well speak my mind on the whole situation.

In all fairness to the old uploaders who been around since 07/08, I know it sucks and I can imagine the anger that ensues in you with the prizes and so forth. You obviously worked work and etc. But again, let's face it...there had to be a new system and something done about this. Uploading and thinking you'll get something in return, with a question mark/* next to it doesn't add up.

Now that something has been done is certainly uplifting in my opinion, I've been around since 07, but never made an account. I only was a mere admin in the chatroom for eBaums. Then came along 09 when I figured to myself, "what the hell, let's make an account". Well, it was things to come as I checked out LiveChat and saw how things had changed so much(I wasn't admin! lol) because of the new company.

I then checked the comment boards, when I was a mere "enoob" to eveything. It was my new addiction, commenting on feature after feature, making "buddies" on meebo. Believe it or not, my 1st buddy was NutGobbler! LOL and then the buddy requests continued after that. I've met some cool individuals on the boards and I'm glad I've met them. After all that, I thought to myself..." hey, why not upload some videos to eBaumsWorld for the hell of it". Well, I started uploading like a n00b and had done horrible. I had kept getting Pm's from Mac and Pepper constantly for duplicate media. It was the most DreaDful PM ever to get in the inbox, but what can you expect...I never uploaded to the site, I was a n00b to all this shit.

Then a friend that I thank to this day helped me with the whole uploading set me straight My first feature was about a drunk dude being in jail(which was funny) Then I uploaded a caturday vid, hence I was hooked on getting features. Uploading each day and looking for a feech to this site was my new addiction, don't get me wrong I still love the boards and LiveChat. eBaumsWorld in a whole made me addicted, wheather it's the blogs, the features, livechat, the users, I enjoy this site very much. 


In all seriousness, look at other sites...they are pure shit. I hate, youtube. and so forth. Faceless can go to hell. The best site is


Anyway, I do thank you for reading this blog. eBaumsWorld has gone under a new change, I know it's difficult for many users to accept, but look on the brightside, something has been done about various questions and concerns. So let's try to make the best of things and keep this site rollin' better than any other.


- Yank

Uploaded 08/06/2010
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