Rush Limbaugh is a Troll Bitch.

"Stick a fork in him, he's done."

Besides misusing this already old-fashioned colloquialism, Rush Limbaugh also retains his usual inability to process information or own up to mistakes. Or so it would seem.

During the first debate tonight, President Obama couldn't have performed more magnificently. He was confident, honest, accurate, knowledgeable, precise, and shrewd.

Governor Romney, on the other hand, sputtered, floundered, interrupted, freaked out the mediator, got visibly pissed on many occasions, and talked about Big Bird.

He was awful. And Limbaugh knows this. That's why he's a bitch troll. A Republicans' bitch, who trolls for the sake of gaining support, inadvertently or not, from the gullible, dense, and rash. I'm being nice here. If you say he's not a troll, then you're saying he's just plain stupid.

We're all familiar with troll bitches. The kind where the bar isn't just low, it's non-existent. We usually picture them as looking like Rush, 'cuz it's usually with a 99.98% accuracy they're bloated, shameless freaks happy as a pig in shit (lol!) at any hint of attention, regardless of how negative.

That's Rush. In the non-net world, where he has the unappreciated luck to be one of the few trolls with somewhat of a life, merchandising rights, and monetary reward for his existence, he sits like Jabba the Hut spewing bait bullshit with no real concern for America. He likes to make up his own facts and call victory even when failure is as pronounced as his gut. That's probably a good reason the Republican party is as fucked up today as it's become.

It's weird how this just clicked in my mind following that slob's latest tweet. So the dense, misinformed, and sweaty, obese Limbaugh likers can keep the party which thrives on made-up realities. If you disagree, I still win. I'm taking a nod by my harshness here from your friend Rush.
Uploaded 10/03/2012
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