rytn enjoyable blogs

its obvious u lyk my blogs. my blogs r nt 2 troll or pt ppl dwn. constuctive critesisim is wt i brng 2 dees airyers


i seem 2 b gtn a lot of shit frm dis dood wiv 2 triangles as an avi. he is the troll nt me obviously.


all i c is him giv other ppl crap. if dats wat mayks him feel btr bowt himself den so b it. hu am i 2 judge. il leev der judgin 2 him. as he is so wise in all fings.


i fink rednote said sumfin bowt my fam n upbrngn. he has his vew wich is rong. its ok mang even u cn b rong sumtyms. der dedicayshun was nice non der less.


negative or positiv feedbk is all gud. even no feedbk is gud 2.


nxt blog wil b tellin u sumfin bowt me and my vews on other fings dan jst sum idiot troll with 2 triangles. if he was a rok id fink of pushn him dwn an hill n den fink nah no point. thts conshus finkin 'my frend' bk 2 der drawin bord wiv dat litl feeree.


peas, luv, N0_U

Uploaded 08/21/2010
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