Sad, Lonely Boy

I am toasted but not jamless. If you think gayness will attract me to you, it will. Don't beg me for pita. Don't whimper that hummus is delicious. I've made three different bread-bowl spinach dips previously. I can whack up my Eggo and it's as big as my legendary penor. Yes, I squirt a lot of fappings. I do care about your fappings. I do care about problematic, anatomically correct fantasy words. Why are you looking at my penor anyway? Your time would have been better spent spending time better. Finding out I have bi-polar disorder would not make half of me feel any better. Contrary to what half of me said in the past, I do care about your orgasm. I took an online IQ test once, it was a fairly high number. Probably three digits high. I don't really remember, I just know it was at least nine points higher than I expected. Did I ever show you my post of me pointing to a pile of shit and stating, "eat my hot, steaming comment?" Well, it's awesome because shit is a metaphor for my comments.
Uploaded 06/08/2012
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