Safari Through Jungle Habitats Dark Side

 am a seasonal employee with the state Division of Parks and Forestry at Ringwood State Park (which has jurisdiction over Norvin Green Forest, Ramapo Forest, Ringwood/Skylands/Longpond Ironworks State Parks, Jungle Habitat, much of Clinton Road, and MORE) and a longtime resident of Bloomingdale. I would like to let you know about some strange happenings within the park boundaries that you may not know about. As you know, Jungle Habitat is under Parks jurisdiction. Over the summer, on a regular patrol of the Jungle Habitat area, myself and a co-worker stumbled upon a telephone pole in the Jungle Habitat parking lot that had the words "RAPE HILL" written on it with an arrow pointing in the opposite direction.

Curious, we followed the arrow and drove around the Jungle Habitat roads for about 25 minutes. After entering Jungle Habitat, if one makes a left turn and follows the roads as far as you can go to the top of the mountain, you will see a large chain link fence running up and over the mountain with a piece of sheet-metal in it. This was used to keep animals inside the park when it was in operation and is near the "Bone Yard,” or animal graveyard. We reached this fence by accident during our search for "RAPE HILL.” On the sheet metal part of the fence, the words "Welcome to Rape Hill" could be seen as we approached it, and an arrow pointed up the side of the hill. We parked the car and followed the arrow up the side of the fence. Along this fence there are narrations and graphic pictures drawn of a woman being tied up and brutally raped. It is extremely disturbing. At the top of the hill is the woman's name I believe, and it says "Rape Hill" again, indicating that the woman in the drawings was raped there.

Another thing in Jungle Habitat that is of interest are the junk altars. There are rock formations on the ground in deliberate circular and pentagram patterns all over the different roadways that wind in and out of the woods. Near each rock pattern is a monolithic altar of rusted chairs and metal junk that is placed there for worshipping purposes. It gives you chills just to see these things. As if this isn't enough, while on duty over the summer of 2000, I was informed that one of the park rangers made an horrific discovery in the parking lot of Ramapo State Forest early one morning.

The carcasses of dozens of sacrificed and blood-drained goats and chickens were found in a giant pile on one side of the lot. This wasn't the first time this kind of incident has happened, but it was thought to have slowed down in recent years. When I asked about it, I was told that Ringwood, West Milford, Oakland, Wanaque and Bloomingdale are home to many sects of secret animal worshipping and sacrificing religions such as Santeria. However, this pile was very unusual to see dumped in the park and it has since led me to believe there is a connection between the Jungle Habitat junk altars and stone formations and the sacrificed animal bodies found down the road at the Ramapo Forest parking lot.
- God Vomit

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