Can anybody think of any websites that are adult themed but safe for work?  I am looking for story sites or anything cool like that.  Pics are dangerous because you never know who might be behind you.  I get very bored at work and once and a while you will find a story or two on here that may get racy but not nearly enough.  If you want to share then be my guest.  The nastier the better in my opinion. 

My only offering is something that happened to me a couple of years ago.  No word of a lie it was mid summer and I was out on my deck bbq'n and drinking.  My wife and best friend were also outside.  I look over about 4 houses down behind me and to my surprise I see what I thought was some fat guy feeding the meat to his old lady doggy style right out there on their deck in full view of the neighborhood.  I of course think that this is great and run inside to get some binoculars to get a better view.  I get the picture into focus and amazed to see that in actuality it was a fat woman with a strap on feeding it to what I can only guess was her husband.  Let me tell you they were friggin going at, everybody in attendance got a good view before they went inside.  I am dying if I am lying even one bit of this story.  For the next 9 weeks at between 8 and 9 pm every sat they same thing would happen, he would dress up like her and she would dress up like him and just feed it to him for like a half hour out of the deck and then disappear into the house.  After the first couple of weeks I guess some of my neighbors noticed and it became like game night 4 or 5 household would have deck parties just to watch the spectacle.

I hope you all enjoyed my story, it may be hard to believe but true it is.




Uploaded 10/03/2008
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