SailorDan's Workout lesson 1 Supplement

Ahoy,This is my first blog about physical fitness mainly focussing on stength and muscle growth rather and weight loss and deiting.If you are wishing to recieve an acceleratedrate of  bulk, muscle mass and strength gains without the use of illegal anabolic steroids or HGH a wide range of over the counter supplements can easying aid you.There are 9 basic catagories of supplements:

Weight Gainers:

Weight gain products not only provide high calories needed to provide the body with sustainable energy plus additional calories to store they also provide supplimentary nutriets. Predominately " Hard Gainers " will use weight gainers due to the huge ammount of calories which inturn will help them gain mass.


There are 4 basic kinds of proteins: Whey, Casein, Blended and Low Carb.

 Whey is the weight lifters supplement building block. It's very fast digesting, low in fats, contains needed amino acids for it's digestion and has a high BV score.  And you can cycle Whey protein in your diet all year roundCasein is a slow digesting strain of protein which i recommend using prior to sleeping due to the slow release rate. Foods such as cottage cheese contain mediocre ammounts of Casein. On average gestation is 2 - 9 hoursBlended proteins contain multiple type of protein ( Go figure... ) with varying digestion rates. Allowing you to recieve immediate, moderate and long digestion proteins from one shake.Finally Low Carb proteins.... Self expanitory.Creatine:Creatine is a naturally occuring within the body and when taken supplimentary it can greatly increase muscle growth and pump sizes.There are 2 kinds of creatine on the market which are Creatine blends with also contain vitamins and amino acids. And Creatine Monohydrate which is usually to be mixed with white grape juice and is a more cost effective way to take in additional creatine.

Over all blended creatine will produce better results

Multi Vitamins:

One of the most neglected supplements by new weight lifters. Specialized multi vitamins will accelerate recovery, over all health and muscle growth. You're veryday Centrum complete won't provide near enough of the specialized vitamins for heavy gains so go pick up something like Animal Pak which for over 2 decades has been the best mulit vitamin around for body builders.Glutamine:L-Glutamine is found in muscle mass naturally in large ammounts. It aids in the rebuilding process. by taking additonal L-Glutamine you allow the muscle recovery time to increase, thus allowing you to hit the gym sooner and be less sore along with minimal fatigue.Nitric oxide:Sounds fucking bad assed, and it is.  Once again a naturally occuring gas within the body and is used in the communication between cells. With Nitric oxide based suppliments Well this is way longer than I expected... Shit.The other two are Natural Testosterone Boosters and BCAA's ( Amino acids )Fairly self explanitory.Remember always research prior to purchasing and trying a suppliment.Love SD


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