Salt Separates

**This is dedicated to my grandmother who passed away on Halloween morning, 2005 It is also the first poem I have ever written.**
Salt Separates
     Wind makes my jacket rustle as rain washes the tears from my face. You left this beautifully imperfect place on a cold day of the fall.
     I whisper, "I love you", hoping you'll hear my call.
     The clouds are black now, but the sun is shining through. Only salt separates the tears from my eyes as I cry for you.
     After the pain wears down and the sting fades away, I decide not to mourn for you, but instead I choose to celebrate, that 
     Despite all of the evils and horrors this life had shown you, you just seemed to make life richer for anyone who had ever known you.
     Salt separates as I remember the old you: loving, generous, reliable and solid as a stone. Joy and relief rushes through me as it is realized that you never died, but simply found your way back home.
     These intoxicating feelings reside and I am calmingly sober,
     so I return home to find comfort in family, where the loving never lacks.
     When I am old, weathered, and grey has taken over, we will meet again with the weight of the world off of our shoulders
     and wings on our backs.
     For now though.. only salt separates.

-Daniel Boone
Please, if nothing else, gain inspiration from this. We are all relative. One love.
Uploaded 04/06/2011
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