Today I was in the Adult Store my friend Raylyn works in with my singer(Andrew), the girl's boyfriend (Ian) and our friend Fatty J. We were walking around having a good old time looking at the "eleven and a half inch vibrating cock" and talking to the owner about how it was phsyically possible to fit that behemoth into you. Apparently no one has bought it yet. We also found "Pocket Pussy" "Lactating Lesbos" and "Not the Bradys! XXX" (Marsha was doing some awful awful things) But what we found especially interesting were the things behind the counter.

       It was a stoner heaven. Bongs, gravity bongs, pipes and bowls galore. All in different shapes sizes colors and designs, oh happy days ahead my friends. As we sat cross legged in front of the clear counter staring at the prized herbal enhancement mechanisms I looked up, a small tin was behind the counter. It looked like a Copenhagen tin but purple and smaller. "What's that?" I said to the owner, who is by far one of the coolest people I have ever met. "Salvia, this will destroy you for about ten minutes and then you'll still be feeling it for 20 more."


....Well sign me up Cap'n! Me and Andrew split the cost of it(fifteen bucks) and booked it. Ian, Fatty J Andrew and I left, went to BK (the angry whopper is my new christ) then back to Ian's house. His mom had a meeting she had to attend so the house was ours for about two hours. We decided to go into the garage(how very cliche of us), make a tin bowl and work it that way. Friends, I have videos to show you how annihilated we were. I shall try to eventually get them up here. But at the moment I don't really feel the need.

Now I've smoked pot before and I expected this to be a similar trip. INCO FUCKING RRECT!!

Andrew is apparently very easy to smoke up. A single hit and he was "flying off the ground in a very fast manor" was his direct quote. I, on the other hand needed to have about three hits before I was feeling WHEEEEEEEEE. And when I was man. Whew, was it fun. I didn't hallucinate at all, but I was very very giggly. I started rocking back and forth laughing. "The world is my oyster!' I screamed. i have no idea why, just did. My sober friends decided to fuck with me and say strange, wonderful things to me that made me nearly throw up from laughter. I slowly came down but I still felt it for about fifteen minutes.

Andrew....well, he decided it'd be good to grab a guitar and start playing one of our songs, The Mountain in the wrong key and pretty much the wrong notes, the pattern was just the same. He giggled like a wild man the whole time and shouted out whatever lyrics he could muster.

Also! Oreos are fantastic when your coming down, oh my god.

thegodlyone has spoekn and salvia is legal...just sayin.

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