Sandbox Mentality of Some Trolls Here

You've seen them get verbally shredded in my blogs, in comments and I guess sometimes in pms, because they usually need assistance in defending themselves and post private messages in their blogs. That's right, I mean the whiny drama llamas on here. Currently most of the people in the section write good articles and almost all of the annoying trolls are hiding from me, not daring to show their face here because they've been Neko-punched.

Apparently, some people don't have enough. It would be funny to watch another drama, if it wasn't so pathetic. The people here are going to attack everybody who doesn't agree with them. And try to ask their friends for help, claiming that their new enemy is an alt of their mutual enemy.

So we're back to that?

If you were here in 2010, you probably remember what was Tyaeda's defense every time I owned her stupid ass. "You're Mizuka's alt"  That's the old troll trick the lamest of trolls use to get a whole band of haters of that user to help you fight your enemy. If you remember correctly, GIJoe (who would pay to suck Tyaeda's dick now) was also called a Mizuka's alt when he started blogging. Later Rednote67 claimed that I'm actually Dawnthief. So, here we are - I'm 3 or more regulars with thousands of media views, hundreds of uploads on each of my 3 accounts, whole different personalities on every one, millions of ereps on each. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Clearly it does to the other trolls, because every time someone is accused of being somebody elses alt, they take that fact as a given.

But what happened to the people who accused people of being alts in the past? Let's take a look:

MemphisT56 - the guy was so obsessed with Mizuka, he's spent every day to find more and more  accounts he suspected of being that user. The list contained dozens of user names. A lot were 2007 accounts. The guy soon went wacko and started digging for personal information. Since I was on his list too, he searched for my facebook and posted it here. He's lost his moderator status for this and was banned (check his comment page - there's only 7 or so pages there because the older ones got deleted).

Tyaeda - She accused me of being so many people's alts, I stopped counting them. She also posted my personal information here and got banned from uploading. To make her lesson more humiliating, one of the admins turned her into a faceless for a week.

TheNaxx - another alt maniac. He's also accused me of being other users (the ones that 1star his uploads, naturally). The funny thing is he was proven to be using multiple alt accounts to 5star his own uploads so they have a higher chance of getting featured.

It's not surprising that after Rin got owned by the user named Twidget yesterday, she tried to pull the same shit with him. Now let's look at Twidget's profile.


User since Dec 19, 2008 with over 4200 comments, known very well in the comment chat. Who is he? My alt, of course. Why? Because he owned Rin yesterday. He must be me, because we have so much in common. We... um... we're both... hold on, I'll find something.... we both made Rin look like a pathetic weaboo! I must be him then.

To those who don't remember how I Neko-punched Rin, here's a short reminder:

- I proved she doesn't speak Japanese when I pointed out she said "arigatou gozaimashita" is a past tense of "arigato gozaimasu." It's actually a more formal way to say thank you and I guess that shit is prolly added to travel guides on airports so you know how to say thanks and stuff. How come Rin doesn't know how to say "thank you" in Japanese if she claims she learned that language?

- I proved Rin is ViralDarkness. She replied to my comment to her from that account. Probably too busy to notice while switching between alts to thumb me down.

- When she quoted wikipedia (only a retard does that; everybody knows anybody can write/edit wikipedia threads), I edited it so it read that you can make gasoline out of toilet paper. It's still there.

So anywho, yesterday this user who apparently does know what he's talking about gave the weaboo a lesson. He pmed her a list of movies she didn't include in her "Highly Important Movie List" and called her out on only watching pop cluture shit, not the hard core ones. She naturally replied that she watched those and that he should see the ones she posted. The thing is, there's no such movies as the ones he's sent her. She claimed to have watched a non-existant title to defend herself. Epic victory for Twidget and I laughed my ass of when he posted Rin's reply in his blog.

What was the beaten troll's comeback? "Don't worry people! I blocked Twidget! I know that's Neko's alt!" So yeah, tomorrow you'll probably hear that I'm PepperPeanuts cause he also defends this section from faggot-ass trolls. Or that I'm Aesir911 because he likes to upload caturday clips. Or maybe I'm Fetismo, because he's made Rednote67 his bitch.

As a psychologist and a great therapist, I suggest Rin to take it easy with the alt drama and maybe move her ass, buy some Slim Fast and work on that obesity problem. Or at least not show her ugly face in Live Chat. It's a place for slim, attractive girls. Why would you even turn on your webcam looking like a whale? Dang. Now go to the fringe and get a steak (don't eat it, pig!) for your black eye. You just got knocket out with my Neko-punch. Again

Neko, The Troll Slayer

Uploaded 07/23/2011
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